The AWI-8 Professional system brings the style and convenience of the top of the line AWI V2 PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL Powersuit into a group training environment. Unlike the interchangeable vest and undergarment design of the AWI-7 Pro Studio System, the AWI-8 Pro Studio System uses the top of the line all-in-one AWI V2 Powersuit. 

*Price per one suit


Since each AWI-8 Pro Studio system tablet manages 5 suits/energy boxes simultaneously, this is the minimum configuration available. Studios usually buy additional suits to either rent out to customers when they attend classes or to sell customers their own suit to wear at each session, fitting the energy box only when they attend the session. This makes it very economical – and hygienic – for the customers to own their own Powersuit since the Energy Box (including circuit board) is the most costly part of the suit.

A single AWI-8 Pro Studio System includes one tablet plus five Energy Boxes and 5 Powersuits and five compression belts for the ABS and five sets of EMS compatible undergarments. Additional suits may be ordered separately.

The AWI-8 Pro System is designed for commercial applications, such as gym and fitness studios, in a group setting with a qualified trainer in charge of the exercise parameters, all controlled by a dedicated app on a Samsung tablet. 


  • The system is managed by a dedicated 10.1-inch Samsung tablet which controls up to five suits/energy boxes simultaneously for group training, and can manage the ems device in the background, including use times, etc.
  • Wireless range up to 400m by the BT4.2 and it is one-to-many control.
  • Magnetic connection secured by Velcro between the ems suit and the energy box
  • 4-way stretch Spandex returns to original shape after wear and after washing.
  • Special dry electrode technology means they never need wetting
  • Unique pulse technology stimulates 20 muscle groups through 8 independent channels: arms (biceps/triceps), chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, waist, glutes, legs (quads/hamstrings)
  • Innovative ramp up system perfectly simulates how human muscles contract.
  • 4 preset training modes: fat burn65HZ350us0.4S ramp up), strength85HZ, 350us)cardio(7HZ, 350us)relaxation100HZ150us)
  • PLUS Professional85HZ350us4S ramp up4Sramp down), and VIP mode  (For individual customization of training parameters)
  • Frequency range: 1-120Hzpulse width50-400us
  • Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash cool (use a lingerie bag if you have one). Do not use fabric softener. Do not turn inside out. Do not tumble dry (line dry only)